Welcome to CFBAJANS.COM, the home of theCoalition for the Barbados Association of Central Florida. Our site is here to help others see the purpose of our organziation and to show ways we can help our beautiful country and people of Barbados. Enjoy your visit here at CFBAJANS.COM and contact us if you have any questions or comments. Feel free to email us at info@cfbajans.com. Thank you again for visiting CFBAJANS.COM and enjoy your day.

9/09/2013: New article is up on the CBAOCF's mission on teaming up with Give Kid's the World and Precious Touch. Take a look at the pics of Janica Moore who's wish was to visit the Disney Parks. Click here for more.
This past Saturday the we joined up with the Barbados Association of Tampa Bay and Adopted a Villa at Give Kids the World.Click here to view the pictures and read the artcle.
We are updating our website with new event photos and announcements so stay tuned and check back to see the changes and improvements for your viewing pleasure.

Mission Statement & Message from the President of the Coalition for the BAOCF

The Coalition for the Barbados Association of Central Florida is designed to promote fellowship within the Barbados community and friends in the Central Florida Region.

- To establish a medium for social interaction
- To organize a local and international charity fund
- Sustain & promote Barbadian culture & values in our community
- Enhance our families with education and informational programs
- To create a network to assist all Barbadians in time of need

The President's Address:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Coalition for the Barbados Association of Central Florida, I would like to wish the government and people of Barbados a very happy 45th Anniversary of Independence.  As a nation with a few natural resources, Barbados continues to keep pace with the developed nations across the globe in maintaining a high standard of living.  This is due in part to the resourcefulness of its people and outstanding stewardship of the government.  Our elected leaders have been on task monitoring the world economy and adjusting out resourced to help reduce the impact on its people as the global economic crisis continues. We celebrate our nation’s independence anniversary with our thoughts still occupied with the recent loss of our late Prime Minister David John Howard Thompson.  On behalf of all of us here in Florida, I extend sympathy to his family on the anniversary of his passing.  He is gone but will never be forgotten.  
Under the leadership of our Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart, Barbados has not missed a step on the role to recovery.  His calm and quiet demeanor provides stability to a very young group of political leaders that might have reacted differently after the passing of   Prime Minister David John Howard Thompson.   In the time of turmoil and uncertainty, Prime Minister Stuart provided the appropriate stewardship to keep our country on the road to recovery and prosperity. As president of this organization, I am proud of the role we play in helping to improve the lives of the people of Barbados.  Our members, through their hard work, dedication and generosity continue to support charities and causes back in Barbados.  The contributions the CBAOCF make to people in Barbados goes a long way in making a positive impact to the lives of the recipients.  I encourage you to continue to provide your family back home with whatever financial assistance you can.  I also encourage you to help us as we try to help Barbados.  If you have the ability to source equipment or materials that might be helpful to Barbados, please let us know and we will find a way to get it in the appropriate hands in Barbados. Finally, I encourage those of you living in the Central Florida area, to join our organization.  We meet once a month and conduct several activities throughout the year.  Through this organization, bonds are formed and ideas generated that all focus on ways to help improve the lives of people in Barbados.  So, in closing, plase take this journal with you, read it, then complete the membership application and become part of or wonderful organization.   
Dr. Dale Husbands
President, CBAOCF


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